Honorable Mentions:

Interlink Supply Mobile App

Using Angularjs, Node.js, Ionic4, & Firebase This App was able to be built on 1 central platform and be released as a native app to the play and ios stores. They use both a local and google-based cloud storage to determine all the correct tools and supplies to use for disaster repair.

  • Ionic 4
  • Angular 4
  • Firebase
  • XCode

Solana NFT called NFX

NFX is an NFT called Native Flex built on the Solana Network. NFX gives the owner of the token the advantage of Flexing (Showing Off) where they might've either been rooted from natively or which country they would like to show off. Because there were a limited number of NFX Tokens minted, the owners of these coins can represent the pride they own.

  • Solana
  • NFT

Search Engine Experience

For just over 2&1/2 years, I managed premium accounts with millions of dollars in budget recorded for S.E.O. and Paid/Social Ads online. Managing these level of accounts required extensive research and analysis for them to gain positive R.O.I.

  • Google Search Certified
  • Orangesoda/
  • Deluxe
  • Roto-Rooter
  • La-Z-Boy

Xurli Online Marketing

This was where I first was able to use and learn more programming skills. As an online developer, (Primarily Javascript/PHP and Web Technologies) I practiced AWS/EC2 Centos Containers and multisite development.

  • PHP
  • Vanilla Javascript
  • AngularJS


With the constant growth of online technologies, and other technologies becoming obsolete, it is important to not only understand and know the roots of where the best technology came from, but also the trending technologies that will make a difference in the upcoming future.

  • NFT, Smart Contracts, Blockchains

    Experiece with:

    • Solidity, Truffle Framework
    • Solona SPL-Token CLI
    • Local Nodes Like Ganache & Hardhat
    • React Development in Blockstack
    • Abra Smartcontract Development
    • Favorite Chains & Tokens:

      • Cardano
      • Solana (Rust CLI)
      • BSV
      • Stacks Chain
      • Iota Wasp & Stronghold

  • Front-End

    Experiece with:

    • React JS
    • Angular JS
    • State Management (Redux/ NextJS, NodeJS)
    • Ionic Framework (Mobile App Compilation)
    • Typescript (Strict) tsconfig
    • The Big 3: HTML/CSS/Javascript (es5 & es6)

  • Back-End

    Experience with:

    • Node JS Backend (Express/Mongo)
    • 10+ years in PHP Development
    • PHP Orms (AactiveRecord)
    • Laravel, Magento, Shopify Dev
    • 3+ years of Rust-Lang (Systems Programming)
    • 2+ years of Python Development
    • Custom CLI built in Rust.
    • Rust Rocket Web Framework (Rustup Nightly
    • Electron Apps

  • UI/UX

    Experience with

    • Figma
    • Illustrator & Photoshop
    • SVG Generators & Custom Coding (SVGator)
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Keyframe, Transition, and Animation Css Customization

  • Search Engine Optimization & Paid Ads

    Experience with

    • 10+ years of onpage S.E.O & P.P.C. Experience
    • Meta Schema Optimization
    • Google Analystics Certified
    • Google Adwords Certified
    • Paid CPC Facebook Ads Experience

  • Just Hobbies:

About Me

I've simplified Kristian Gali (my name) to kg for your sake. I've loved technology and online development for a long while now. However, this does not seem satisfying anymore unless there is a clear way I can help others understand technology and the benefits thereof by way of communication or display. This is the main purpose of this website.

Real attributes I consider myself & others may agree I have to have that may explain my character are as follows:

  • Integrity
  • Family Man
  • Father
  • Determined
  • Musician / Artist
  • Relentless Survivor & Protector

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